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who are we

Forening GLASSKULE was ground in 2021 in Fredrikstad from a group of people interested and skilled in glass, art and recycling, with the aim to create a new form of collective artwork based on recycled glass. 

The simple idea: let us bring together a group of people, who can bring their ideas on paper. The glass artist will transform each drawing, and each chunk of old glass into a beautiful and unique tile. This tile is the "unit" with which artworks can be created, to reflect that uniqueness and togetherness go together very well. The applications are almost limitless. 

The core of the forening is the Fredrikstad-based glass artist Servais Grivel; 

Further friends are the glass blower Abel Sawe, the leader of the Norwegian Methodist Church Emil Skartveit (former leader of the Fredrikstad Domkirke), galerist Tina Fjotland, the former president of the Norsk Kulturforbundet Vibeke Mohr, communication expert Siv Osaland Klever,

the artists Merete Steinvik Haugen, Sachar Fishbain, Stian Borgen and many more. 

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